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You Are Who You Are And That’s Ok

This week I had the opportunity to catch up with a friend of mine that I haven’t seen much since before the pandemic. She mentioned to me how much last week’s podcast episode meant to her because she has struggled at times with feeling like she isn’t doing enough. At times she compares herself to her parents and grandparents and just simply feels like her efforts are inadequate.

Malcolm Wells
Malcolm Wells

Friends, there are times when I feel that way as a content creator. I look at what others are doing and I think to myself, “Am I a fraud? Am I a phony? What makes me think that I can help anyone else when I am struggling to get my stuff together? Compared to Joel Salatin or Justin Rhodes or Jill Wingert or Melissa K. Norris or Jack Spirko or Nicole Sauce or Amy Dingmann or Jack Pollner or Don Bradner or insert other name here, my homestead and my content creation and my knowledge is pathetic.” I think we’ve all been there. We compare ourselves to family members, neighbors, fellow homesteaders, or well-known YouTubers and we feel like we just don’t measure up. And if we’re not careful, we end up feeling defeated, discouraged and disillusioned.

There’s a passage in the Bible that can be paraphrased like this; “Those that compare themselves among themselves are not wise.” (2 Corinthians 10:12) It’s simply unwise to compare ourselves with other people. And so, when I find myself comparing myself to my parents, my grandparents, or other homesteaders I try to remind myself of that passage. You know what? As proud as I am of being the grandson of Malcolm Wells, I’m not Malcolm Wells. As proud as I am to be the son of Roderick and Cora Wells, I’m not Roderick or Cora Wells. I’m not Joel, Justin, Jill, Melissa, Jack, Nicole, Amy, Jack or Don. I’m Brian Wells. I have my own set of gifts, talents, abilities and interests. I’m at a different stage of life than many of the people on that list. I’m in a different location climate wise than many of the people on that list. My property size and layout is different from the people on that list. I’m Brian Wells. And my goal should be to be the best version of Brian Wells that I can be.

And so this week I want to encourage you to lean into that too. In fact, let me offer you a suggestion. Think about that person (or persons) that you use as measuring stick. Say their name (or names) out loud. And then say, “I’m not ___________ ← (fill in their names here). I am ___________ ← (fill in your name here) and that’s ok!!”

Have a great week everyone. And until next time, keep up the good work!!


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