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I Feel So Behind......

Spring is finally here. At least officially. While this week has certainly felt springlike here on the homestead, I cannot help but wait for the other shoe to drop. Will we get another snowstorm? Or at least another hard freeze? It's upstate NY. Who knows??

But, as spring arrives I find myself very unprepared. Normally I have my seed orders submitted by mid-January. I just submitted my orders tonight. Because I am so late to the party, I had to limit my order to things that I direct sow. For things I start indoors, I have to rely on buying seed packets at the store (not that there is anything wrong with that except that the varieties are limited) or use what I have on hand. And while like many gardeners, I have plenty of seeds left over from previous years, what I am finding is that I am missing some of my preferred varieties. And it's far too late for me to order them now.

For example, yesterday I went to start my peppers (which by the way is pretty late to start peppers in my area according to the Farmer's Almanac). I made notes last year that I should grow New Ace instead of King of the North. Except, I was out of New Ace seeds. So, I started King of the North instead. I went to start my brassicas tonight and realized that I had six broccoli Romanesco seeds left. I had hoped to start 12 today. And then in a couple of weeks my plan was to start 12 more. Instead, I'll be planting Green Magic. Which is a great variety. But, it's not Romanesco.

I'm not sure what happened this year. Why did I fall so behind? What led me to drag my feet on getting my seed order in? Why did I lose track of time in getting my seeds started? Honestly, I don't know.

Last year I started keeping gardening notes using Google Keep notes. That's where I have my notes about the New Ace peppers. But, I didn't start taking notes until the season was well under way. I've already started this year's notes. My first entry? "Get seed order submitted in January!!"

Until next time, keep up the good work!!


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