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I'm Not Ready For Winter To End

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Last week, Brian J and I had an opportunity to sneak away for a day to Pico Mountain to spend some time making memories, skiing and riding together. When it was time for lunch, we made our way to the car to grab our sandwiches. And while we were there, I heard it. The first chickadee song of "spring".

It's something that I always listen for. And when I hear it it usually brings me joy. It's a reminder to me that winter isn't forever. That spring is on the way. That it won't be long and the grass will show, the ground will thaw and the earth will spring to life again.

But, as I heard that familiar song; 'chick-a-dee, chick-a-dee" it didn't warm my heart like it has in the past. As I pointed it out to my son he said, "Dad, I'm not ready for winter to end!" And I have a confession to make; I found myself agreeing with him.

Now as a homesteader that is akin to heresy. I'm supposed to be dreaming of starting seeds, planting a garden, getting chicks, enjoying the birth of piglets; all of the beautiful things that come along with a homestead in the springtime. But I'm not there yet. Not even a little bit.

I have several other confessions to make. I've hardly touched a seed catalog let alone placed a seed order. I haven't even thought about ordering my chicks, my meat birds, or my turkeys. Garden plan? Nope. Haven't started it. And right now, I really don't care. I'm too busy enjoying winter.

Do I like schlepping water to the animals? Nope. Do I like breaking ice in frozen waterers? Hate it. I've slipped and fallen more this year on ice than I think I ever have. The chickens currently are freeloading and hardly laying eggs. The pig pens alternate between frozen and thawed muddy messes. But, I'm still enjoying winter. As I've shared with you before, during the winter I get an opportunity to be involved in things other than homesteading. Yes, we have to feed, water and care for our animals. And admittedly that can be a hassle. But I also get to spend time with my family and in particular, my son doing other things. And that's awesome. I know that I have less and less of those days available to me. Brian J. is a junior in high-school. Our days together are numbered. And I want to cherish every one. So, Mr. Chick-a-dee, go ahead and sing your song. But understand that this year it's going to take some time for me to warm up to it. I'm not looking forward to spring. I probably will soon. But, today is not that day!

As always folks, keep up the good work!!


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