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Ready For Spring

We are in that weird time of spring; last week we had two snow storms and it was below zero. This week it has crept up into the 50’s and 60’s and the snow cover is almost gone. Is this true spring? Pre-spring? Fool’s spring? The onset of mud season? Honestly, I’m not sure.

I know that I have chicks on the way in a few weeks. And the mobile coop that is up by the Ruth Stout bed needs to be moved. But, in order to do so, I need to take the snowblower off of the tractor. Is it too early? Am I rolling the dice and I’ll regret it later?

Now, to be fair, if I take the snowblower off, well, I could always put it back on. But, it doesn’t go on as easily when it’s cold out. And, beyond that, I really don’t want to put it back on. While I shared a few weeks ago that I wasn’t ready for winter to end, in my mind that switch has been flipped. I’m ready to put the snowboards and skis away. I’m ready to put the snowblower away. I’m ready for spring. Real spring.

However, I also find myself behind a bit. It’s time for a confession. I STILL haven’t put in my seed order. I haven’t really even finalized what I’m going to be planting. On Sunday I did sit down with the family and at least get started on a general list of things we want to plant. But specific varieties? Nope. Quantities? Nope. Garden layout? Not even.

Last Year's Onions on March 14th

In my Facebook memories today, pictures popped up showing where I was in the process last year. Onions had sprouted and were 3-4 inches high. I was starting peppers. Tomatoes. Cabbage. Brussel Sprouts. Not this year. Did I mention that I haven’t even ordered my seeds yet? I did stop by my local garden center and buy onion seeds today. Onion seeds are ones that don’t store well from year to year. But, the good news is that I really do have a fairly sizable seed supply of other things on hand. And I really won’t be direct sowing for another couple of months. So, there is time for me to get caught up. But, I’ve got to get moving.

And so, that’s the plan. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get the onions started. Maybe on Saturday I’ll get some tomatoes and peppers started. But, if I don’t. There’s always next week.

Until next time, keep up the good work.


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